Wedding | Liz & Dawn | Arlington Street Church, Boston

Dawn and Liz celebrated their wedding day in February of 2020 at the Arlington Street Church in Boston. This ceremony was celebrated with their friends, family, and Arlington Street Church community.

Arlington Street has a long history of fighting for human rights and the location itself provides a sacred space for all. Everyone in attendance was so warm and welcoming and so genuinely excited to be a part of Dawn and Liz's big day. These people are as beautiful as the historic place they gather in. I am so happy that Liz and Dawn have each other and this community to surrounding them.

Their wedding was simply beautiful with a ceremony followed by a champagne toast.

As dates in quarantine melt together with each passing day and our minds center upon how to get involved or support the important movements taking the country by storm. I have been thinking a lot about this community and it's welcoming attitude for difficult conversations, drive for improvement through learning from ourselves and one another, and leadership in creating a safe space without judgement. These are the types of communities make a difference and get things done.

I am also looking at my calendar and I can't believe it is already June! So with that in mind, I would wish you all a Happy Pride Month!