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The Studio

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Photo Sessions

Interested in having your photo taken at the space?


For Families and headshots, we will be hosting seasonal settings with member photographers. For Branding and headshots, we will create sets custom to your brand and service!

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For Photographers:

The Brass Tacks Photography Studio the headquarters of it's namesake, but also so much more. We created this studio to have a space for photographers to come together, create together, and learn from one another. 

Despite making people smile every day with what we do, the photography industry can be lonely. We are here to change that. 

Our memberships will not only allow access to the studio, but opportunities to come together as a community with monthly photo critiques, quarterly skillset sessions, and more.

Subscribe to the studio newsletter to get on the list for membership options as they roll out!


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Tel: (978) 886-1148

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