Quinceañera | Destiny

Brass Tacks Photography's services doesn't end at Weddings, Engagements, and Portraits. I serve a variety of other events as well! Since Brass Tacks Photography has moved to a new home on this website, I have decided that it is time we start "Throwing it Back" to some of my favorite sessions along the way!

There are a few days in every girls life where it is all about them. To many girls in America, the Sweet Sixteen is one of those days. Instead of celebrating Quinceañera on her fifteenth birthday as it is done traditionally, Destiny celebrated her growth into womanhood with a sweet sixteen! Her Quinceañera was flapper themed and was a particuarly unique event for me to shoot. I had never been to a Quinceañera prior to Destiny's. Not only did I learn more about a cultural tradition, but I had a blast being a part of Destiny's big day. Check it out.