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heirloom products

Tucked away in the corner of my parent's living room, is my favorite hidden treasure.

It is in plain sight and some may see it simply as a dresser, but it is actually a portal into the past. 

Whenever this portal is opened, I get to re-live moments in my life, my siblings' lives and peek into memories my parents had both separately and together as they grew up, fell in love, and created our family as we know it today.


Nowadays the most recent portion of this portal is not kept in the dresser. It is great that these memories are at our fingertips at any time when we are feeling nostalgic, but now the memories are still buried with distracting emails, texts, and the scroll of social media.

The unplugged experience of diving into a box or book of family photographs is an opportunity to share stories and have conversations that do not occur when scrolling on a screen. I believe that there's nothing like it, which is why I encourage my clients to print their photos. 

Brass Tacks heirloom products allow you to print your favorite photos with a high standard of quality, collect your memories in an album, or save your photos in a safe place to re-print on a later date. 


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crystal USB


Online digital albums are posted for two years. This gold and crystal USB a pretty and safe way to archive all of the photos from your big day off of your computer. 

With your order, you will receive all photos from your wedding day in both Color and Black and White. If you participated in an engagement session, these photos will be included on your USB as well. 


glass keepsake box


Bring your joy to your bookshelf or coffee table with this beautiful glass keepsake box. 

Enclosed within this box, you will receive 30 5x7 archival prints of your favorite wedding day memories on sturdy matte photo paper.  

Add other mementos and souvenirs collected from your wedding day to complete your memory box. 



Order direct from digital album!

Order standard or archival prints in any size directly from your digital album. 

Standard prints come on a soft matte paper. Archival prints are slightly thicker 100% cotton paper for photos that will last through the ages.

If you would like a print on canvas, mounted, matted, or framed please contact me for more information regarding pricing and options. 




When my sisters and I graduated high school, we were given a scrapbook packed with memories from the first 18 years of our lives. These books have one storyline of a child growing up, packed with hundreds of anecdotes told by photographs.


I believe this way of storytelling is what makes photo albums so precious, especially for your wedding day. Albums share the story of your day and remind you of the way you felt, the vows you made, the love that surrounded you, and of course the epic dance floor. 

Brass Tacks wedding albums tell the story of your wedding day through a selection of images, bound in linen or leather, and designed to pass on your experience through the generations. 

ordering your album




Pricing based on 10 spreads.

Albums are available in Linen, Leather, and Distressed Leather. 

These materials are available in the colors featured to the left.

Choose Cover


Select whether you would like to choose your photos, or if you prefer my suggestions.

I will create page layouts using the selected photos and send you a link to a virtual preview.

You can direct me to add, remove, or swap photos directly in the preview link. To preview this process, click here.

Prices above are based on 10 spreads

(about 45 photos)


5 Additional Spreads: $100

(bulk discount) 

Design your Album!


Debossing: $50.00 

Additional Spreads: $25 per individual spread

Fabric or Walnut Album Box: Prices Vary

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